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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I actually love the rain.
I find it more than just refreshing, washing the dust off of everything, and more of a calming thing...restful, peaceful....and PIECEful!
Growing up in the great NW I can relate to rainy weather and love a good down pour. "Back home" you often get drizzles, which my father always says is just enough to keep you from having a picnic but not enough to keep you from going to work. Yup Yup Gus Gus!
A good day for brainless squaring up of HSTs and listening to the rain.
Nothing like a nice little pile of HST "droppings", right?!?
Piece out...
ps...I am loving the Nancy Drew Is  A Clue BlogHop!
Mdm Samm comes up with such fun!

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"Paisley's Blossoms"

"Paisley's Blossoms"
The latest baby quilt made for Abigail Paisley born 29 June 2011.