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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


What a week that has gone by.
The spring dresses for my 5 grand-daughters are all finished and gifted.
(3 grand-sons received store bought shirts and shorts.)
I added yellow flower buttons to make it easier for them to know what was the front when dressing themselves.
My daughter, Courtnie, is home from South Korea.
We spent Sunday morning with coffee on the beach watching the sunrise.
We hosted family dinner Sunday afternoon.
We've shopped.
We've ate.
We've talked quilts and fabric.
She has filled out many job applications and has an interview today at 11:00.
I start my new job Monday morning!
Piece out...

"Paisley's Blossoms"

"Paisley's Blossoms"
The latest baby quilt made for Abigail Paisley born 29 June 2011.