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Tuesday, April 9, 2013 work for you!

Not really, it was postponed until next Monday.

I was the first one to show up.
Apparently the first one to find out that not enough prospects had passed the background check.
Tomorrow is another day, eh?!?
So I am taking advantage of the mini staycation imposed on me as a result of the start date delay.
We are going thru boxes, sorting boxes, still receiving boxes from South Korea, and putting "much" in storage.
So we are accomplishing a lot and while that feels good our little home looks like a cyclone hit recently and as a result of that there has been NO stitching going on here... B-(
Courtnie & Sophia

Piece out...

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"Paisley's Blossoms"

"Paisley's Blossoms"
The latest baby quilt made for Abigail Paisley born 29 June 2011.